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The Goldsmith Group: Buyer’s Guide

The ultimate guide to buying your dream home in
Diamante Cabo San Lucas with top real estate brokers.
Located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, Diamante is a luxury beach paradise of exclusivity, grandeur, and world-class service in Cabo San Lucas.
The premier amenities at Diamante make it a state-of-the-art stay. It’s a breathtaking place to match its breathtaking ocean-desert setting. It’s a community worthy of the beauty this location has to offer.
Cabo real estate is highly coveted for good reason, and Diamante goes above and beyond. It’s more than a luxury resort. It’s a way of life – and the Goldsmith Group is the best choice to introduce you and help you become a part of it.
Husband and wife Paul and Daria Goldsmith are the exceptional real estate team that is the Goldsmith Group. Together, they form a powerful partnership that makes their clients’ home buying experience at Diamante easy, stress-free, and even fun. 
The Goldsmith Group is committed to their clients’ wants and needs and will always prioritize their best interests. They will find their clients exactly what they’re looking for, while also making sure their purchase is a smart one that benefits their financial future.
Both Paul and Daria bring years of real estate expertise with them, including joint experience as Realtors for RE/MAX Hallmark, an innovative full-service residential Canadian real estate brokerage, buying and selling properties in the Greater Toronto Area. 
Although both are strong negotiators, each of their strengths makes them an even more complete team. Paul’s investment savvy combined with Daria’s interior design background makes the perfect team for any client interested in buying real estate property. Their highly successful trajectory granted them the Re/Max Chairman's Club Award several years in a row.
Paul and Daria are experts in the Diamante luxury lifestyle. After years of spending time in Cabo and falling in love with the dreamy location, Paul and Daria are now the Official Real Estate Division at Diamante. They are also owners at Diamante, which means they have all the intimate knowledge regarding the resort that will greatly benefit homebuyers.

Buying at Diamante with the Goldsmith Group

Paul and Daria are highly knowledgeable professionals in the real estate buying process, but also in the legal distinctions of buying property in Mexico and the market in Cabo. They prioritize educating their clients throughout, maintaining constant communication, and helping them make the best decisions that line up with their objectives.

Finding a home

Diamante offers a wide variety of property types for sale including condominiums, estates, and villas. Paul and Daria recommend the properties that match their clients' interests and conduct tours of the facilities and all the residences at Diamante: 


The Goldsmith Group helps their clients navigate the purchase of property in Mexico. They recommend the best mortgage options, make sure their clients take all the necessary steps and have all the required paperwork to ensure a smooth buying process.
One key aspect of property ownership in Mexico is a fideicomiso, a bank trust that allows foreigners to buy property in restricted zones in Mexico. These restricted areas include any land within 50 km of the coast or 100 km of the Mexican border.

Make an offer

After clients decide on a property, the Goldsmith Group formulates an offer and submits it to the seller on your behalf. Negotiations ensue until both buyer and seller agree on a price. 

Home inspection

After an offer is accepted, a thorough inspection is conducted to assess the condition of the home and find any hidden issues or needed repairs before closing the deal. 


Full guidance in the closing process for an easy meeting and transaction, including necessary preparations and documents, escrow, etc. as well as post-sale guidance in topics such as paying property taxes in Mexico.

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