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Baja California Sur Condo Market Overview

Strong Demand In recent years, Baja California Sur experienced a significant increase in development. This includes the construction of new infrastructure, upscale resorts, and premium residential communities, all designed to accommodate the rising number of tourists and expatriates. 

Attractive Investment Opportunity The real estate market has flourished, offering a diverse array of properties for investors seeking to acquire a secondary residence or rental property.

Property Types Condos in Cabo San Lucas range from modest, budget-friendly units to ultra-luxury properties with world-class amenities. Developments often include shared facilities like pools, gyms, and security.

Prime Locations Condos are most commonly found in popular areas like Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Bello, Vista Azul, Maravilla, and more.

Pricing Prices for condos in Baja California Sur vary significantly depending on location, size, and amenities. 

Rental Potential The strong tourism industry in Baja California Sur provides great potential for rental income, particularly during the high season, which runs from November through April.

Resale Market Baja California Sur has a robust resale market, with condos often appreciating in value due to their desirable location and the area's ongoing development.

Closing Costs Buyers should be prepared for closing costs. These costs include notary fees, acquisition tax, and registration fees.

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