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Beautiful weather, stunning beaches, and a vibrant entertainment scene define this city.

Beautiful beaches, consistently warm weather, and natural beauty are some defining features of Los Cabos. It’s a place that offers its residents so much, from its golf courses to whale watching to stunning landmarks such as El Arco de Cabo San Lucas. The Los Cabos luxury real estate market has been reaching a new high with no sight of slowing down any time soon. With lots to do, in the city itself and in close proximity to other areas, many are attracted to this vibrant place.

Los Cabos has a rich local history, reflected in its landmarks and stunning environment. Just a 45-minute drive away is the 400-year-old Mexican town of San Jose. It has seen much development throughout its years while maintaining being a place that could easily be considered a natural paradise.

What to Love

  • Beautiful warm weather all year round.
  • Countless beautiful beaches to explore including Medano Beach, Cerritos Beach, and Santa Maria Beach.
  • Variety of fun activities like golfing, fishing, water activities, shopping, and dining.

Local Lifestyle

The lifestyle of Los Cabos is known for being friendly and vibrant. With its first-world amenities, it has a fast-growing expat community that is continually expanding. Living in Los Cabos allows one to enjoy its convenient location by the water combined with its excellent weather conditions that give the city its laid back and refreshing atmosphere. Seeing wildlife like whales and other sea animals is a daily occurrence. Los Cabos promises a life filled with natural beauty and excitement through its entertainment opportunities every day.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

With lots of local spots for restaurants and shopping, the entertainment scene in Los Cabos has so much to love.

Cabo Wabo Cantina is one of the top places for entertainment and has been for a long time. It's a nightclub, restaurant, and bar all rolled into one that serves up fajitas, seafood, and fun experiences! For fine dining, a local favorite is La Casona, known for its romantic atmosphere, deliciously cooked and high-quality steaks, and fresh, locally grown vegetables. For a combination of local flavor and French cuisine, another treasured restaurant is Cafe des Artistes. Overlooking the Sea of Cortez, it offers a lovely dining environment with tasty dishes with Baja California wines to pair them with.

Located next to a marina, Puerto Paraiso Mall is one of the top shopping destinations in Los Cabos. Not only does it have 3 levels worth of stores to shop at, but it also has a movie theater and other entertainment events as well!

Things to Do

Visiting natural landmarks, attending events, and outdoor activities are some of Los Cabos’ residents’ favorite things to do.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, also known as Land’s End, is an iconic arch-shaped rock formation located in the ocean that has attracted many since its existence. Beyond just seeing this lovely sight, it’s a place where many go snorkeling, do some rock climbing, see wildlife like sea lions, or even do some fishing.

Residents love to spend their days exploring the beautiful beaches of Los Cabos. Los Medano Beach is a local favorite, where people come to swim, jetski, go banana boating, and soak up the sun. Lots of parties and restaurants can be found here too! Another popular spot is Cerritos Beach, especially for its surfing opportunities. Some like to go horseback riding at this beach as well. On Sunday afternoons, you can often hear live music being played here by the local beach club too! Santa Maria Beach is another local beach, which as a protected wildlife area, is most known for its snorkeling, where you can take in the beautiful water creatures. Other well-loved beaches include Palmilla Beach, Playa Las Viudas,  and there are truly so many more to discover and have fun at. With so many beaches, Los Cabo is any fisher’s paradise, offering some of the best fishing in the whole world.

Having a round of golf at one of Los Cabos’ many excellent golf courses is another activity residents love to do in their spare time. For an oceanside golfing experience, one of the top spots is Cabo del Sol. This award-winning course is known for its great views and luxury golf amenities. Puerto Los Cabos is another can’t-miss golf experience, known for its 27 hole course with breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez.


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