The Sale

Completing the sale.

Negotiating The Offer

After signing the offer, your Sales Representative will register it with the listing broker. A time will be set for the listing Sales Representative and your Sales Representative to meet and present the offer to the Seller. The Seller has a number of options available: Reject the offer; Accept the offer exactly as presented, making no changes; Make a counter-offer back to you with whatever changes the Seller wants, such as price, closing or conditions. You then have the option of accepting the Seller’s counter-offer or making your own changes and signing the newly amended offer back to them. This is where your Sales Representative’s negotiation skills come into play.

Closing Day

The lawyers or clerks exchange documents and funds to close the transaction. You can expect to get access to your new home by late afternoon on that day, but check with your lawyer. Changing locks is recommended after closing as a safety precaution. If you have any dead-bolt locks on your doors, it is a simple matter to remove the cylinder and replace it with a new one.

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