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The Goldsmith Group: Seller’s Guide

The ultimate guide to selling your Diamante Cabo San Lucas
property with top real estate brokers.
Selling your Diamante home doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Husband and wife Paul and Daria Goldsmith are the exceptional real estate team that is the Goldsmith Group. Together, they form a powerful partnership that will make your home selling experience at Diamante easy, efficient, and stress-free. 
The Goldsmith Group is committed to their clients’ wants and needs and will always prioritize their best interests. Although Paul and Daria are both top negotiators, each of their strengths makes them an even more complete team. Daria’s interior design background will contribute significantly to perfecting your home for showings, and Paul as a savvy investor will have your finances’ best interests in mind.
Both Paul and Daria bring years of real estate expertise with them, including joint experience as Realtors for RE/MAX Hallmark, an innovative full-service residential Canadian real estate brokerage, buying and selling properties in the Greater Toronto Area. Their highly successful trajectory granted them the Re/Max Platinum Club Award several years in a row.
Paul and Daria are experts in the Diamante luxury lifestyle. After years of spending time in Cabo and falling in love with the dreamy location, Paul and Daria are now the Official Real Estate Division at Diamante. They are also owners at Diamante, which means they have all the intimate knowledge regarding the resort that will greatly benefit you throughout the home selling process – they know what buyers want. Additionally, Paul and Daria have a large reach of buyers and travelers that come to Cabo, and they may very well end up being among the submitted offers for your home. 

Selling at Diamante with the Goldsmith Group

Paul and Daria are highly knowledgeable professionals in the selling of real estate, but also in the legal distinctions of selling property in Mexico and the market in Cabo. They take the time to educate clients and maintain constant communication throughout the entire process.
  1. Comparative Market Analysis: To determine the value of your property and recommend an appropriate listing price, the Goldsmith Group conducts a real estate market analysis (CMA).
  2. Gather all necessary documents for the sale:
    Copy of identification (passport)
    • Fideicomiso: A bank trust that allows foreigners to buy property in restricted zones in Mexico. These restricted areas include any land within 50 km of the coast or 100 km of the Mexican border.
    • Copy of last bank trust fees paid
    • Copy of last property taxes paid
    • Maintenance and property management payment receipts
    • Cadastral certificate
  3. Prepare your home: With expertise in presentation and home staging, your home is in the best hands to get it ready to impress potential buyers and leave a long-lasting impression. It will look, feel, and even smell perfect. Arranging it to show off its features will make your home inviting and irresistible for onlooking visitors.
  4. Marketing: The Goldsmith Group will create a customized marketing plan for your home and provide top resources to market your property, such as a professional photographer and advertising tools. Access to Goldsmith Group’s network of contacts to promote your property across social media platforms, websites, and more will definitely help it sell faster.
  5. Multiple Listing Service (MLS): Once all pre-listing tasks are done and your home is ready for viewing, the property listing goes live in the MLS.
  6. Open houses: When it’s ready, Goldsmith Group will schedule and host showings of your home, walk visitors around your property, and answer their questions.
  7. Accepting an offer: Will help review all offers to choose the best option for you and enter negotiations with the buyer until a price is agreed upon.
  8. Pre-closing: Schedule a house inspection for the buyer, prepare for the closing meeting, and verify all contingencies are met.
  9. Closing: Full guidance in the closing process to ensure a smooth meeting and transaction, including necessary preparations and documents, escrow, etc. as well as obligations such as paying capital gains tax to the Mexican government.

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